2015 Results

100k Results 100k 2015 and Splits 100ksplit

  • 1st Male Ben Lewis 10:26:21
  • 1st Female and Course Record Darla Askew 11:36:08

60k Full Results 60K 2015 and Splits 60ksplit

  • 1st and Course Record Jeff Mogavero 6:02:51
  • 1st Jenny Pierce 7:07:41

35 Full Results 35K 2015 and Splits 35Ksplit

  • 1st and Course Record Ty Draney 3:15:57
  • 1st and Course Record Saige Ballock-Dixon 3:48:09

2014 Results

100k Full results with splits

  • 1st Male and Course Record: Andrew Miller 10:09:55
  • 1st Female: Darcy Africa 11:50:15

60k Full Results with splits

  • 1st Male Joshua Reddish 6:34:27
  • 1st Female and Course Record Meredith Edwards 6:58:23

35k Full Results with Splits

  • 1st Male Jeff Mogavero 3:28:57
  • 1st Female Saige Ballock-Dixon 3:59:25

2013 Results

Another amazing year.  All but 1 of our previous Course Records were broken by  very speedy folks and we saw amazing performances by all our racers.


50 Mile Full Results

  • 1st Male- Mike Wolfe 7:43:31 New Course Record!
  • 1st Female Joelle Vaught 9:03:26 New Course Record!

50 k Full Results

  • 1st Male Jason Schlarb 5:10:07 New Course Record!
  • 1st Female Emily Judd 6:38:09 New Course Record!

20 Mile Full Results

  • 1st Male Chris Lundberg 3:07:21
  • 1st Female Margot Watters 3:39:53 New Course Record!

2012 Results


  • 50 mile – full results
    • 1st male – Justin Yates (8:35:50) – New Course Record! (previous record – Dave James in 9:16 in 2009)
    • 1st female – Joelle Vaught (9:26:22) – New Course Record! (previous record – Krissy Moehl in 10:13 in 2009)
  • 50 km – full results
    • 1st male – Ty Draney (6:08:06) establishes male course record for the 50km race
    • 1st female – Rebecca Flowers (7:09:15) establishes female course record for the 50km race
    • This is the first year we’ve finished the 50km race on the original course (2009 – no 50km event, 2010 cancelled due to storm, 2011 – snow route)
  • 20 mil – full results
    • 1st male – Damian Stoy (3:01:11) –  establishes male course record for the 20 mile race on the original course
      • This is the first year we’ve finished the 20 mi race on the original course (2009 – no 20 mi event although we did have a relay event where leg 3 started at the Mink Creek aid station & finished at the current finish line, 2010 cancelled due to storm, 2011 – snow route)
      • Historical note : Pat Bragassa, part of the 3-person team in 2009 did the 3rd leg (which then started at the Mink Creek aid station and finished at the pavilion, a 0.4 mile shorter route) in a blistering 2:51!
    • 1st – Patricia Moeller (4:01:39) – establishes female course record for the 20 mile race on the original course
      • Historical note : Jennica Hirrlinger, part of the 3-person team in 2009 did the 3rd leg (see note above) in a blistering 3:40!

2011 Results

Paul Losee receiving the coveted Caboose Award

2011 “threaded the needle” when it came to the weather during the race.  Race day, May 28th, could not have been any more perfect!  Due to extremely high snow pack (over 200% of normal) an alternative “snow route” was devised, which privided runners with an equally, if not more, challenging run through the mud, snow, water… and a few beautiful dry trails too.


Top three runners in the three different races were as follows:

50 Mile Event (snow route resulted in an actual mileage of 53 miles)

  • Women
    • 1st – Joelle Vaught – 9:31
    • 2nd – Diana Finkel – 11:05
    • 3rd – Anny Merrill – 11:18
  • Men
    • 1st – Dakota Jones – 8:17
    • 2nd – Zach Miller – 8:24
    • 3rd – Mike Foote – 8:40
50 Km Event (snow route resulted in an actual mileage of 36 miles)
  • Women
    • 1st – Bethany Lewis – 6:12
    • 2nd – Jamie Williams – 7:07
    • 3rd – Emily Judd – 7:15
  • Men
    • 1st – Damian Stoy – 5:54
    • 2nd – Dominick Layfield – 6:00
    • 3rd – Jay Aldous – 6:03
19.5 Mile Event (snow route resulted in an actual mileage of 20.5)
  • Women
    • 1st -Sarah Evans – 4:00
    • 2nd – Kirsten Nickisch – 4:21
    • 3rd – Breck Hillary – 4:23
  • Men
    • 1st – Pat Bragassa – 2:53
    • 2nd – Brad Mitchell – 3:02
    • 3rd – Ben Woodbeck – 3:21

2010 Results

Three person relay results

Two person relay results

Solo category results

The 2010 race was cancelled during the event (we officially cut it off at Mink Creek, mile 32) due to horrible weather  and consequently very dangerous conditions at the higher elevations.  The second to last thing that a race director wants to do is cancel their race while it’s in progress.  The last thing that a race director wants to do is attend funeral services for runner(s) who perished while on their course, a scenario that was all too possible on Saturday.  Given how bad it was on the first two legs of the course, the final 20 miles would have been complete survival mode for even the most prepared and fit runners.

As race directors, we learned many things from this experience and want to share our thoughts so others can learn from it.  One of our best improvements in 2010 was the communications infrastructure organized by the Porneuf ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).  They worked with us to build a system that ended up working perfectly.  When the seriousness of the situation became apparent, the Bannock County Search and Rescue (S&R) team was assembled, and the Porneuf ARES group quickly expanded their role and became part of the S&R effort.  Without all of their help the situation could have been much worse.  Bottom line is that if you plan to hold an organized race, the first thing you should have setup is a strong communication plan and a contingency plan for the worst possible scenario.

The competition up front was amazingly fierce this year and times through mile 17 and 32 that were mind boggling, especially given the conditions.  It would have been quite a show to continue to see the race unfold over the last leg and course records would likely have gone down in all of our categories (solo male, solo female, 2-person and 3 person relay).

Sunday (day after the race) the skies cleared and temps were in the high 60’s – perfect conditions.  As we ran leg 2 on Sunday to clear our heads, we marveled at the quality of the course.  Will we do it again?  The answer is…. most likely yes.  But, some format changes will be made.

An enormous thanks to all the volunteers who give so much to this event, Mindy Campbell (Jared’s amazing wife!), the Shaver family, the Spurlocks, the crew at Scott’s Ski and Sport, Dr. Sherwin D’Souza, the Portneuf ARES, Travis and Lori VanRum, etc. Also, thanks so much to all the kind emails and “chat” comments we’ve received since Saturday.  Some interesting dialog is sure to arise from this event and the decision to cancel it.  A flavor of it is below

climbing up scout mtn

climbing up scout mtn

2009 Results

The inaugural race is a success!

  • Pictures!
  • Results!
    • 50 Mile Solo Category
      • 70 starters, 56 finishers, 80% Finishing Rate
      • Women
        • 1st – Krissy Moehl – 10:13
        • 2nd – Darla Askew – 10:58
        • 3rd – Mandy Hosford – 11:29
      • Men
        • 1st – Dave James – 9:16
        • 2nd – Kevin Shilling – 9:24
        • 3rd – Sean Meissner – 9:59
    • 2-Person Relay
      • 1st : Glenn and Anny Merrill in 10:01
      • 2nd : Mark Lehmkuhle and Emina Alibegovic 11:21
      • 3rd : Dana Gershenoff and Shannon O’Grady 11:40
    • 3-Person Relay
      • 1st : Tom Borschel, Pat Bragassa, John Van Orman in 8:07
      • 2nd : Valerie Gill, Sheradon Summers, Dusty Pena 9:41
      • 3rd : Melissa Merrill, Tim Arrington, Jennica Hirrlinger 9:46
    • FYI : Fastest Leg Times
      • Leg 1 : Karl Meltzer – 2:24 (part of a 3-person relay team)
      • Leg 2 : Sheradon Summers – 2:30 (part of a 3-person relay team)
      • Leg 3 : Pat Bragassa – 2:51 (part of a 3-person relay team)

Luke Tom and Krissy


5 thoughts on “Results

  1. i’m anxious to run. i just signed up.

    very well organized web site and reading your recap of 2010, this site obviously reflects the overall organization runners will be privileged to experience on race day. keep up the good work. 🙂

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  3. Briefly looking @ 50k results, I don’t think the woman’s was a new course record.. Looks like a bethany lewis ran a 6:12. Maybe you’re not counting this as a course record b/c it was a snow course??

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