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  1. I signed up for the 50k. This will be my first 32 mile run, so I was wondering “Just how far is 32 miles”. The other day I got an answer… I took my family to Lave hot Springs, and it is 32 miles from my driveway to the parking lot in Lava. For you out-of-towners, that sure seems like a long way.

  2. I want to come up and train on course, but not familar with the trail systems. Will there be any organized training runs between now and the race?

      • Good luck trying to do the final 19.5 right now….under snow — give it a few more weeks — even then… 🙂

      • Please take note of the comment on our main page. Due to the extreme snow-pack right now we are working on a re-route of the final 20 miles…. Please check back later in the week (Thursday) for updates. The final 20 would be a post-holing extravaganza right now!

  3. Thanks to the group run folks for letting me be the weak link tonight, and not making fun. I can officially say that I am not even a recreational runner now, I am more like Forrest Gump. When I feel good, I run-when I’m tired, I walk – when I’m thirsty, I drink – When I have to, you know, I go. Again, thanks for letting me share the trails with you tonight, it was a great evening.

      • jealous. wish i could join you. doing so in spirit from here in so-cal. the race will be my virgin run on the course.

  4. Does anyone know if the race is on protected watershed? I am wondering if I can bring my dog along for the fun.

    • Hi Britta,

      Parts of the course are in a watershed so we cannot have dogs on the course during the race.



  5. Ran much of Leg 1 and part of Leg 2 the last several days and here’s the report. Slate Mtn trailhead to Gibson Jack is mostly snow free. Several north-facing corners have 100 yard sections of deep snow. The snow has a good crust early in the morning but watch for steep, icy spots. Gibson Jack and up Knife Ridge is snow free. Wildhorse Mtn still has big snow fields with snow-free sections starting to show. Expect crust and/or post holing conditions. The upper mile or so of both Cusick and City creeks have deep snow. The lower City Creek trails are in great shape. From the view on top of Wildhorse, I expect most of Midnight Canyon, Elk Meadows Loop, and Upper West Mink to still have considerable snow. For Leg 3, except for Lower Valvehouse, most trails are still snow covered.

  6. Just a heads up to those of you who might be heading out on the course to train this weekend. I ran leg one today which is mostly clear of snow on the first half, with a bit more on top of Wild horse. Be very careful around the Gibson Jack Trailhead and first couple of miles up Gibson. I was chased by a very aggressive moose right by the trailhead, and she chased me for about a half mile. Bottom line-she meant business. I saw another moose with a calf just before the turn off to Wild Horse, so make noise, and be alert.

  7. Can someone explain the new third leg from where it leaves Valve House to where it rejoins Valve House? I’m local, I know the area just not good at maps. Need it explained in terms of trail names & areas.

  8. Last night Lee and I ran the City Creek Trail up Kinport, the first part of the second leg. I just have to say thank you to Jared and Ryan for watching out for us.

    • Pat, could you expound on exactly what you mean by that? Are we talking postholing? Running through rivers of runoff? C’mon, don’t leave us in suspense!

      • What I meant by that statement is. Last year they had to make a hard choice to call the run halfway through, and I didn’t get to run. I was totally disappointed. This year they had to change the last leg of the course, I know that it was for our safety, but it’s still kind of a let down. They have to make the tough calls, I’m sure they don’t want to change things, and I wanted to thank them.

        By the way… There is still plenty snow on the mountain (12 miles = 3 hours)

  9. Thanks, Pat. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for sure. I feel lucky to have survived the first 17 miles of last year’s race. This year – bring it on! Spring in Idaho – it’s part of what makes this race a unique challenge. 🙂

  10. What a brutally great race. I have never been so challenged on a trail run. I will definitely do this race again. Thanks to the directors and all the great volunteers.

  11. A special THANK YOU needs to go out to the friends and family of Shaver Pharmacy for their generous donation of time and money. Their behind-the-scene efforts helped support a truly remarkable event that had a positive impact on so many lives.

    • No question about it. This race would be next to impossible without the support provided by Pocatello families like the Shavers, Spurlocks and numerous others. They really deserve more recognition than they get for this event.


  12. Thank you for a great, well organized race and a beautiful course. While I had my internal battles on the course, I was never lost and always had what I needed at the aid stations. It was a great intro to ultrarunning – I’m already hungry for another. Maybe Speedgoat would be fun?

  13. I just want to add my thanks to all the volunteers, aid station crews, the guy with the cowbell at the East Fork junction (gotta have more cowbell), and to all the other runners who were so quick to share words of encouragement during the later, more challenging parts of the course. This was my first ultra (graduating from those “cute” marathons) and I feel so privileged to have been able to run it in my backyard. Thank you, Jared and Ryan for another awesome event. See you next year!

  14. So, I can see Scout Mt out the window of my work. She looks back at me. Some days she whispers sweet nothings and beckons me. Some days we joke about the coming ebb and flow of energy and emotions. She laughs when I remind her that I’ve xc-skiied her more than ran her trails. The other day she taunted me cruelly, reminding me that I only have one long run in my legs at this point, and that was flat at (almost) sea level in Boise. Somehow she knows my most inner thoughts. This race is going to be interesting.

  15. Had a great time running the first leg of the S.M.U.T. course on Sunday with John Goddard. We were lucky to catch the high portions of the leg while they were still frozen. We were mostly on snow from 1/2 way up Corral creek until we rejoined the west fork. The rest of the run had only short snow banks to cross. Corral creek has a half dozen trees that were toppled this winter.

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